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mLab's Database-as-a-Service proudly powers over half a million MongoDB deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google

Thousands of companies trust us with their data

MongoDB on AWS, Azure, or Google. It's this easy.

We've been with mLab since the very beginning and haven't looked back. They have continued to deliver an outstanding fully managed Database-as-a-Service platform, and we have enjoyed working with their world-class support team.

Database-as-a-Service features

Cloud Automation

  • On-demand provisioning on AWS, Azure, or Google
  • Single-node, Replica Set, or Sharded Cluster
  • Seamless, zero-downtime scaling
  • High availability via auto-failover


  • Free, audited backups
  • Easy restores
  • Flexible customization options


  • Continuous, 24x7 monitoring
  • Real-time and historical performance graphs
  • Custom alerts
  • Slow query analyzer

Data Browser

  • Query editor and saved searches
  • Tabular data views
  • JSON document editor

Premium Support

  • Thoughtful, timely advice from real developers
  • Expert help at
  • 24x7 emergency hotline for Dedicated Cluster plans

mLab's support absolutely stands out because they care about our deployment as much as we do!

"mLab's support is the greatest I've ever seen - anywhere. We tried out both mLab and one of its largest competitors, and raised the same technical question with support staff at each. mLab immediately recognized the problem and had two experts working hard to solve it for us. Meanwhile, the other MongoDB-as-a-Service provider responded by saying it was a database problem and not a hosting problem... but that if we bought an enterprise support subscription they might see if they could actually help us. mLab's support absolutely stands out because they care about our deployment as much as we do!"