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Database-as-a-Service for MongoDB

Proudly powering over 300,000 MongoDB deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google

MongoDB in your choice of cloud. It's this easy.

  • Create a database
    Provision MongoDB on-demand on AWS, Azure, or Google.
  • Paste its connection URI
    Copy and paste the connection string into your code.
  • Build the future
    Focus on your product instead of operations.

Keep your database close to your application.
mLab hosts MongoDB in 25 datacenters around the world!


Thousands of companies trust us with their data

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    mLab's behind-the-scenes automation allows us to efficiently create, scale, and manage many MongoDB deployments. Their MongoDB tools and expertise help ensure that we get the best performance from our databases.
    Conde Nast Toyota Lyft
    Classdojo Turner Fox

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