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We handle the database operations so you're free to focus on what matters.

Get everything you need to easily deploy production MongoDB databases on AWS. Scale seamlessly without downtime and count on our expert support to help you every step of the way. Run MongoDB with confidence; we're committed to your success.

mLab is designed to take full advantage of the AWS platform.

VPC Peering

Create a single, extended, private network consisting of both your application infrastructure and database deployments.

High Performance plans

Scale demanding workloads with AWS' local SSD storage plans that provide high throughput and extremely low latency.

Enhanced Networking

Experience high bandwidth and consistently low database deployments.

Transparent, all-inclusive pricing



Up to 0.5 GB storage

Sharded Cluster

$15 per GB

Up to 8 GB storage

Dedicated Single-Node

$210 and up

Starts at 4 GB RAM

Dedicated Cluster

$180 and up

Starts at 2 GB RAM

Dedicated Sharded Cluster

$1,440 and up

Starts at 8 GB RAM

Supported AWS Platform Regions


  • US East: Virginia (us-east-1)
  • US East: Ohio (us-east-2)
  • US West: N. California (us-west-1)
  • US West: Oregon (us-west-2)
  • Canada: Central (ca-central-1)
  • South America: Sao Paulo (sa-east-1)


  • Europe: Frankfurt (eu-central-1)
  • Europe: Ireland (eu-west-1)
  • Europe: London (eu-west-2)

Asia pacific

  • Asia Pacific: Mumbai (ap-south-1)
  • Asia Pacific: Seoul (ap-northeast-2)
  • Asia Pacific: Singapore (ap-southeast-1)
  • Asia Pacific: Sydney (ap-southeast-2)
  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo (ap-northeast-1)
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Database-as-a-Service features

  • Cloud Automation

    On-demand provisioning on the major clouds. Seamless, zero-downtime scaling and high availability via auto-failover on production-ready plans.

  • Advanced Security

    Dedicated plans support encryption-at-rest, include SSL for free, and allow for custom firewalls as well as VPC peering.

  • Backup & Recovery

    Unlimited backups on Dedicated plans; free daily backup on other plans. Free and easy backup restores.

  • Easy-to-use Data Browser

    Web GUI for editing documents, running queries (including saved searches), and viewing results in tabular format.

  • Monitoring & Analytics Tools

    Continuous, 24x7 monitoring with performance graphs and custom alerting. Index and performance suggestions provided by mLab's Slow Query Analyzer.

  • Best-in-Class Database Support

    Thoughtful, timely advice for all users at 24x7 emergency contact for Dedicated Cluster plans.

We've been with mLab since the very beginning and haven't looked back. They have continued to deliver an outstanding fully managed Database-as-a-Service platform, and we have enjoyed working with their world-class support team.

Chris Lambert CTO, Lyft

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