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All Set Builds Its Housekeeping App Without the Chore of Database Management

Fine tuning its app prior to expansion, All Set tapped mLab to provide a low-touch, expertly managed Database-as-a-Service solution.

  • By offloading database management to mLab, All Set's development team is now able to spend 95% of its time building new features and improving user experience.
  • The startup is well-positioned for rapid growth by leveraging mLab's seamless, zero-downtime database scaling.
  • All Set's business users utilize mLab's easy-to-use GUI to conveniently access data.
Customer Profile

All Set is an app-based solution that matches users with providers of home services such as house cleaning and lawn care. Consumers are able to search for providers available in their area, schedule service, and complete payment - all through the app. All Set is currently active in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, with plans to expand to new regions and verticals throughout 2017 and beyond.

The Challenge

As All Set successfully grew out of a tech incubator, it required a Database-as-a-Service platform that would allow the development team to fully concentrate on product growth and scaling.

Developed in Liberty Mutual's Solaria Labs incubator, All Set was designed to simplify the booking and fulfillment of home services - both for consumers and for the small businesses that provide these services. In order to streamline the process of bringing All Set to launch, the app's creators executed a development plan that would rely heavily on outside expertise.

All Set's founders worked with digital agencies to build an initial version of the product, then hired a lean development team charged with adding features and improving the service. To spare this team time-consuming DevOps duties, All Set determined it would need a fully hosted and managed Database-as-a-Service provider. Given the potential for All Set to add services in a breadth of verticals and locations as its business expands, the startup sought a MongoDB database provider to flexibly handle data in any format. All Set also needed a solution that could offer affordable sandboxing and prototyping for experimentation throughout its early startup phase, as well as the simple, issue-free scalability required to meet future needs.


To meet its database needs without placing additional burdens on internal teams and resources, All Set selected mLab for its expert database management, easy scalability, and additional features supportive of the startup's growth.

With mLab's Database-as-a-Service in place, All Set launched in Boston in September 2016 and soon thereafter added the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout its development, launch, and early growth, All Set has found mLab to be an essential partner as it begins to scale its business. In fact, mLab's service supported All Set's product so capably that the All Set's development team saw no need to evaluate any other managed database services.

All Set hosts multiple environments with mLab - QA, development, and production - and appreciates how mLab's GUI enables their team to quickly view and edit data (and clearly observe the effects of those changes). All Set also uses mLab for database backups, which the team has found easy to setup, and values the simplicity of being able to restore databases from the GUI should the need arise.

I don't even have to work with mLab that much, that's the best selling point of the service. I can do my job - which is so heavily dependent on mLab - but I don't have to think about mLab often. It just does what it's supposed to.

Bryce Dooley Software Engineer, All Set


Now poised to enter a period of rapid expansion targeting new locations and verticals, mLab offers the reliable scalability that All Set needs.

In large part due to mLab's database management and support, All Set's development team reports that it is freed from the work of maintaining its database. While relying on mLab's service, All Set has been able to grow and complete thousands of house cleanings.

mLab's simple interface has also allowed All Set's business team to easily analyze information within the database. Rather than request the development team's help in creating queries and providing certain data, non-technical business team members can retrieve that data themselves. This ease-of-use has been helpful, for example, during All Set's recent change to the way the company processes payments. Business team members have been able to check the database in the development environment and see exactly how data is being stored, making it easy to provide input and to ensure that the team can directly perform certain data analysis queries once the new system is completed.

In the next few months, All Set expects a substantial increase in the quantity of data it stores as it expands to new regions and verticals, and intends to continue relying on mLab to provide the highly performant database experience the company has come to expect during this critical building period.

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