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Case Study

Club Speed Chooses mLab to Centralize Performance Data for 40 Million Racing and Trampoline Competitors

Seeking to implement cloud-native software that would collect and centralize performance analytics data from across all its client locations - and to move into new markets - Club Speed selects mLab.

  • Club Speed pulls data from thousands of client venues into a centralized cloud database, enabling the company to provide more than 40 million competitors with instant access to performance rankings.
  • Through mLab's service and support, Club Speed has transitioned to a cloud infrastructure and eliminated cumbersome operational duties - including database administration and on-site server hardware installation/maintenance.
  • By streamlining deployment of its solution and introducing new features made possible by the implementation of its cloud infrastructure, Club Speed is well positioned to actively expand into new markets.
Customer Profile

Club Speed provides venue management and gamification software (as well as software licensing services) for go-kart and race tracks, family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, zip line parks, and other entertainment venues in 32 countries. Club Speed equips its clients with a platform that automatically handles registration, online booking, event planning and scheduling, and point-of-sale interactions. By utilizing sensor devices to track the telemetry of participants and gather other activity data, Club Speed also delivers personalized results and rankings for its clients' customers, adding to the user experience of these fun and competitive events.

The Challenge

Club Speed sought to simplify deployment of its solution - and lay a foundation for new capabilities - by bringing its business into the cloud. Developing a cloud-native solution that centralizes data collection and access called for enlisting a reliable Database-as-a-Service provider.

For more than a decade, Club Speed has provided go-kart tracks, family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, zip line parks, and other entertainment venues with software to automatically manage event registration, point-of-sale interactions, event results, and individual performance tracking at thousands of client locations worldwide. However, Club Speed had delivered its solutions by running SQL Server Express on hardware deployed and maintained at each client location. This infrastructural design required burdensome database administration, installations, and ongoing upgrades. The company recognized the potential advantages of implementing a new cloud-based infrastructure that would be able to support a more easily deployable and widely accessible version of its software solution. Doing so would also allow Club Speed to capitalize on business opportunities in new markets.

To alleviate its existing burdens and prepare to pursue new opportunities, Club Speed embarked on a two-and-a-half year process of rewriting its software to be cloud-native, and developing the cloud infrastructure required to support a multi-tenant architecture. This called for creating a secure, reliable, centralized platform for the company's data; specifically, Club Speed identified utilizing a MongoDB database on AWS as an essential component for its cloud transformation. Also seeking to avoid administering the database internally, the company began looking for a Database-as-a-Service provider able to host, manage, and support the cloud database on its behalf.


Club Speed selected mLab as its hosted MongoDB provider, finding mLab had the expertise to understand the needs of its application, and to support its operations and growth well into the future.

By relying on mLab's service, Club Speed has succeeded in implementing a cloud-based infrastructure, with its upgraded multi-tenant software able to utilize mLab's centralized database and provide services at thousands of client locations. Club Speed has now eliminated its previous database administration needs, server installations, and hardware maintenance, instead making efficient use of mLab's centralized platform for drastically streamlining these business functions.

By relying on mLab's service, Club Speed has succeeded in implementing a cloud-based infrastructure that is used at thousands of client locations. mLab's cloud MongoDB database helps to streamline business functions as Club Speed has now eliminated its previous database administration needs such as server installations, performance tuning, and hardware maintenance.

In selecting a DBaaS, mLab's ability to deliver a complete MongoDB solution that was secure, reliable, and backed by dependable support was crucial. Club Speed's positive interactions with mLab's support reinforced the selection, with mLab's support team comprised of MongoDB experts and developers proving efficient, helpful, and quick to respond to any needs that arise.

Leveraging the centralized data stored in mLab's cloud database, Club Speed can now deploy its solution to client locations more quickly and seamlessly, and has developed new product features that take advantage of the fact that all data is now fully accessible in the cloud. Club Speed provides each of its clients with a mobile app that connects to its cloud database, and an API allowing a client to turn the Club Speed-powered app into an extension of their own brand. Customers of Club Speed clients are prompted to download the app, which serves as a customer experience interface that automates registration for individual races and other events on behalf of the client. After an event, each customer then receives a "ProSkill Ranking," comparing his or her performance to that of every other competitor in the database. Customers are also connected to special offers from the venue, and can check out other competitors and their own performance history even after they've left the facility, all through the mobile app and cloud-accessible data.

These features, teamed with the ease of deployment that Club Speed's cloud infrastructure provides, have allowed the company to enter new markets. In the near future, Club Speed will begin introducing its venue management and analytics-based gamification solution to trampoline parks, large family entertainment centers, and specialty gymnasiums. Using accelerometers worn on the body to track telemetry, its technology can track trampoline jumping, fitness analytics, and much more, and then send this data to its mLab-managed cloud databases. In this way, Club Speed is bringing its ProSkill Ranking to new events, enhancing the competition - and the fun - for participants.

With mLab, we've been able to centralize our data while completely relying on the provider for our database administration. This really has transformed our business, delivering huge improvements in efficiency and throughput. mLab has proven time and time again to be a reliable and supportive partner, with a service that has streamlined our operations and now propels our growth into new markets.

Eric Novakovich Founder and CEO, Club Speed


With mLab hosting centralized data for easy access in the cloud, and providing the backbone for its software solution's multi-tenant architecture, Club Speed has been able to increase the efficiency of its operations and its deployments to client locations while also introducing new features and growing into new markets.

Utilizing the advantages of cloud-based infrastructure and mLab to collect and centralize analytic data from across all of its clients' connected locations, Club Speed now supports 40 million distinct individuals with ProSkill Rankings. Club Speed's clients are now able to engage more deeply with their customers, allowing competitors to go up against other players not only during the live events they participate in, but also against the achievements of all other competitors worldwide. Club Speed's cloud infrastructure now serves hundreds of thousands of tenants, and completes 70,000+ point-of-sale transactions on behalf of its clients each day.

Looking forward, Club Speed will continue to lean on mLab as an integral piece of its business as it expands into new markets and installs its solution in trampoline parks, family entertainment centers, and specialty gymnasiums over the course of the next year.

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