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Webflow Optimizes Product Development Speed by Leaving the Database Management to mLab

Time to market is paramount for Webflow, a responsive website building and hosting development platform. mLab’s Database-as-a-Service solution is a trusted partner that allows the Webflow team to focus on product development instead of the operational aspects of running MongoDB in the cloud.

  • Webflow founder Bryant Chou, who served as CTO for rapidly growing startup Vungle, selects mLab again for new venture.
  • The Database-as-a-Service solution, backed by a dedicated team of experts, provides Webflow with tooling, insights, and support more powerful than Webflow could resource internally.
  • Having full confidence in mLab's database management allows Webflow to focus and invest resources more precisely on product and business development.
Customer Profile

Webflow is a website creation and hosting platform that makes it easy to quickly design and develop unique, responsive websites. The platform’s web design tools give its users the power to produce clean, standards-compliant code – all without the need to actually write it. Webflow’s founder is Bryant Chou, previously serving as CTO of the in-app video ad delivery company Vungle, has utilized mLab at both companies to stay agile.

The Challenge

Led by an experienced technical founder, the Webflow team prioritized speed and focus on core product development.

Webflow needed a dependable MongoDB solution built by experts to manage a critical piece of their business – their data. A successful entrepreneur, past experience had shown Webflow founder Bryant Chou that creating a SaaS product requires many different technological components and skill sets. One of the most important components is the database (and the skills required to operate and maintain one).

While some businesses may have been wary of entrusting a managed service provider with their core business data, Webflow instead sought to seek out the most knowledgeable resources in the industry to manage a MongoDB database on their behalf. Webflow knew the potential value of entrusting a third party provider with this task, both to gain a premium level of dedicated expertise well beyond what could be expected from a team built internally, and to allow its technical staff to focus time and resources more acutely on product development. The provider would also need to offer architectural guidance and handle all the operational aspects of running MongoDB in production.


Webflow chooses mLab, a trusted Database-as-a-Service solution that expertly navigates and handles any new database challenges.

Webflow founder Bryant Chou first used mLab during the early days of the in-app video ad delivery company Vungle, where he served as CTO. The company needed a hosted database provider to help it launch its product within a tight three-month timeframe, and then scale as needed afterward. Vungle grew quickly and mLab was became an indispensable partner. When Webflow was founded, Chou again chose mLab to provide hosted MongoDB and database support.

mLab enables the Webflow team to execute on their core product more easily. Database upgrades, hardware failures, and other maintenance needs are handled by the platform. Whenever Webflow has a question that requires specialized database knowledge, they receive timely responses that give them the confidence that mLab is a true extension of their team.

I really view mLab as an extension of my company, tasking the Database-as-a-Service with overseeing one of the most important aspects of my business. As a startup founder focused on delivering a product that depends on customer data to succeed, I absolutely need knowledgeable, dedicated experts handling our database needs. Startups like mine need speed to thrive – considering that partnering with a hosted database provider like mLab offers superior expertise and a quick solution to a core business need, it was (and continues to be) a no brainer. Because mLab has now been with us through two companies and navigated us smoothly through huge spikes in growth, I’ve grown extremely comfortable with mLab as our trusted DBaaS partner.

Bryant Chou Founder, Webflow


With mLab, Webflow has a fully-trusted DBaaS that helps pave the way for product success, provides expert support, and offers easy scaling for periods of rapid growth.

mLab has served as an essential partner for Webflow, from inception to today. Its support has been a significant behind-the-scenes contributor to Webflow’s success, with knowledgeable assistance provided 24/7 and whenever query tweaks or database scaling is required. mLab also provides easy-to-use tooling to make management simple. For example, Webflow was able to upgrade its database to a new MongoDB version from the mLab UI, bypassing the need to wrangle with a complex command line interface.

For Webflow, mLab functions as an accountable, trustworthy addition to the in-house team, ensuring that MongoDB deployments are optimally hosted, managed, and backed up by the strongest platform and expert support available.

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