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Zenput Taps mLab to Help Retailers Achieve Better Store Consistency

Large retailers leverage Zenput's mobile-first task management & data collection platform to ensure brand consistency. mLab's MongoDB solution handles these retailers' unstructured data and ensures high availability for the database.

  • Zenput's flexible data collection platform is built to handle any data its customers require.
  • By relying on a trusted and capable database provider, Zenput has rapidly grown its business while concentrating on product and customers - not on its MongoDB database.
  • Zenput utilizes mLab's tooling - alongside expert querying and performance support - for an issue-free database experience.
Customer Profile

Zenput provides an all-in-one platform that helps retailers collect data and ensure store consistency across all locations. The platform is mobile and desktop accessible, and gives store managers and employees the tools needed to efficiently manage and complete tasks, projects, audits, inspections, checklists, and reports.

The Challenge

As an early-stage company building a task management platform, Zenput needed versatile capabilities for collecting and utilizing data.

Zenput was founded in 2012 to meet the needs of retailers operating multiple locations. Their solution enables retailers to maintain brand continuity, manage tasks, and deliver a consistent, high quality customer experience across locations.

A typical Zenput customer may have hundreds of retail locations, all requiring accurate data and oversight capabilities to ensure that a store offers the same optimized brand experience. In most cases this means a shopper should be able to visit any location and find that the store looks and feels the same as any other. Traditionally, this consistency was achieved by relying on paper spec sheets, messages to managers, photos, and dropboxes for sharing files and information.

However, any gaps in data or communication create blind spots that obscure issues and make it difficult to take action. Retailers seek to understand the leading indicators that contribute to sales - or those that are a barrier to them. Sales data without robust supporting metrics can only tell a retailer if it did or did not make money. Instead, retailers need to understand the causes: were the employees performing as expected, is the store clean, are the signs put up correctly, was the store opened and closed on time, etc.

Zenput's challenge was to implement a mobile-first solution that improved on traditional brand consistency practices. In developing its task management & data collection platform, Zenput's founders listened to retailers describe their needs and found that data flexibility would be a key feature. Customers required the ability to build their own types of forms and collect whatever data - in a variety of formats - they found useful. Based on this feedback, Zenput made the decision to use a non-relational database to support a flexible data model.


Based on its strong customer reputation and ease of use, Zenput selected mLab as its managed and hosted MongoDB Database-as-a-Service solution provider.

Zenput's search for a MongoDB database provider was largely influenced by positive customer reviews across multiple sites. With mLab in place, Zenput is able to accommodate different customer data structure needs and has not experienced any database issues. This has enabled the growing company to fully concentrate on developing its product and serving its customers' needs.

Zenput has also found mLab's tooling very helpful for providing insight into database behavior. mLab's Slow Query Analyzer tool has become a trusted resource for identifying and optimizing inefficient queries. Additionally, Zenput uses mLab's Telemetry monitoring service to ensure consistent database performance.

Thanks to mLab, our MongoDB instance has been the least of our concerns. It works extremely well and we've never had any problems or outages. The most positive thing I can say is that we've been able to build an entire business around MongoDB without ever having to figure out how to host it or scale it. I can worry about other parts of my business (i.e. my customers) and not about my database. It's been amazing - wonderful for our team and our customers.

John Clarke Mills CTO, Zenput


With mLab delivering a reliable service and expert support, Zenput has been able to grow its business more quickly and effectively.

Zenput credits building its business on top of mLab and other reliable Platform-as-a-Service providers as the reason the company has been able to scale and grow as quickly as it has. Since implementing mLab, Zenput has grown into a multi-million dollar business - doubling its business over the past year with continued momentum.

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