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Case Study

After Migrating to mLab, ZIG360 is Ready to Optimize Your Professional Networking

Expanding on 26+ years of experience training individuals and enterprises to effectively manage and leverage professional relationships, ID360 began developing a mobile platform — ZIG360 — to help more professionals achieve their networking goals. mLab’s managed MongoDB solution provides the set-it-and-forget-it simplicity and reliability that complements ZIG360’s lean development model.

  • The low-touch simplicity and reliability of the mLab platform enables ZIG360 to build its application using a lean development model and a small internal team.
  • Migration to mLab was seamless and completed in a single night.
  • mLab makes scaling a MongoDB database easy — an important consideration for ZIG360's global ambitions.
Customer Profile

ID360 is a global company providing training and coaching to individuals and businesses worldwide, empowering clients to design and execute networking strategies that develop the right relationships and alliances. Building on ID360’s experience helping clients in this industry, ZIG360 is the company’s new application for planning and visualizing networking strategies, and for managing all interactions with key influencers.

The Challenge

ID360 adhered to a lean development model while building the ZIG360 app from prototype to production release. To minimize operational overhead, the team needed to find a DBaaS provider that would be reliable, affordable, and quick to set up.

ZIG360 originated as a pen-and-paper tool used during ID360’s training and coaching sessions, which guided clients through formulating networking strategies, managing relationships, and winning advocates to achieve targeted goals. The principal leadership behind ZIG360, led by CEO Kim Zoller, wanted to expand the tool's reach and decided to build a standalone app.

ZIG360 app

The team knew from the start that it wanted to follow a lean development model and rely as much as possible on managed services, without the need to assemble significant in-house resources. ID360 entered a development partnership with Gigster, which used the Heroku platform to build and manage the application. To complement the Heroku managed application service, it also looked to offload database management to a reliable long-term provider.


mLab provides the low-maintenance, dependable solution that ID360 can depend on as it scales its new application.

ID360 discovered mLab through the Gigster development team. After doing some research, ID360 determined that mLab offered the long-term scalability, low cost, and minimal upkeep that would be needed.

The initial application proof of concept was built without a DBaaS solution, so ID360 needed to migrate its existing database to mLab. The database migration was seamless and completed in a single night. Since migrating to mLab, the ID360 and development teams have found the platform very easy to use.

The real benefit of mLab has been that it’s so stable and consistent that we’ve really had next-to-no input into the actual running of the database itself. I recommend mLab because you turn it on and it just works; you don’t need to think about it.

Kim Zoller CEO, ZIG360


With mLab in place, the ZIG360 app completed a successful beta program and has launched to serve clients worldwide — with a team confident that the database can handle ongoing growth.

Since using mLab as its DBaaS provider, ZIG360 has faced no database-related issues. mLab has proven to deliver a reliable, cost-effective solution that requires minimal operational overhead — exactly what the team desired from its managed database strategy.

ZIG360 app

The ZIG360 app successfully launched to over 150 global clients on its first day, including GameStop, Dun & Bradstreet, the University of Texas at Dallas, Capgemini, and Growtality. Looking forward, the company is confident in growing ZIG360’s userbase, knowing that mLab enables it to easily scale its database to any degree that becomes necessary.